Commercial Auto Insurance in Grove Hill

Many businesses rely on vehicles to carry out various business operations. But did you know that your primary car insurance may not cover your vehicle when it is being driven for commercial use?

Commercial auto insurance is designed specifically for business use. To find out more, get in touch with McIntyre Insurance Agency, one of Grove Hill’s most trusted commercial auto insurance agencies.

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Commercial Car Insurance Consultations with McIntyre Insurance Agency

There are many factors to consider when buying commercial vehicle insurance, including:

  • Who is the registered owner of the vehicle
  • Who is driving the vehicle
  • How frequently is it used
  • Is it used to transport goods
  • What are the specific risks involved

Our agents will take the time to understand your business and the work you do before making relevant recommendations about the right kind of commercial auto insurance. We will work with you to determine whether your vehicle is covered under your primary insurance and find an appropriate and affordable plan if not.

We will also make ourselves available to address your questions or concerns before and after you make your investment.

Customized Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage

Inadequate auto insurance can create significant problems for business owners. Without adequate coverage, you are vulnerable to unnecessary risks and potential loss. While commercial and personal auto insurance policies have many similarities, there are substantial differences. Most business vehicle insurance includes:

  • Coverage for drivers and passengers in the case of an accident (this includes medical expenses and lost wages resulting from injuries)
  • Liability coverage for loading and unloading products transported by your business
  • Car replacement for any period when your commercial vehicle is out of service
  • Additional coverage if you or your employees drive the car to other regions for business ventures

Reach out to us today to find out more about the insurance options available for your business.

Making a Commercial Vehicle Insurance Claim

There is virtually no difference in the claims process for commercial and personal insurance. Properly documenting the event is essential. Whether that event is an accident, theft, or vandalism, the first step should always be to contact the authorities and file a report before contacting your insurance agent.

Once you’ve notified us, the claim process is simple and straightforward. We will work with you to deliver a satisfactory resolution as quickly as possible.

The Best Commercial Auto Insurance in Grove Hill

The use of a vehicle is integral to many companies. Business owners may not realize, however, that their primary insurance may not cover them during business ventures. Being uninsured in the case of an accident or theft could be detrimental to your entire operation, don’t continue to put yourself at risk.

Get in touch with the team of experts at McIntyre Insurance Agency for the very best guidance and the most competitive rates in the area. We will be more than happy to walk you through your options, finding you the coverage you need.

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